Your bucket list may be full of exotic travel destinations, and you may be that traveler who can now check off from that list your summer visit to this beautiful region. But in between those grander experiences are those simpler, smaller joys that, when you add them up, can be just as memorable or fulfilling. I’m talking about books – real ones you can hold in your hands, flip through the pages, whiff that once familiar smell of ink on paper.

Books on the shelf remain there for future reading because they are like old friends.  You smile as you open the suitcase and find that summer read you weren’t sure you packed. Whatever you have planned, that book is a tender traveling companion which can fill in those moments which have not been planned or those times created by changing plans.  

If you’re a bookless traveler, I’m glad you picked up this August edition of The Mountain Breeze. You can use it the same as a book.  Just dog ear that last page you read and pick it up later to continue your discovery of where to go and what to do in the Lake Lure region.  You may even nod off while reading it as columnist Danny Heitman describes its open pages serving as a “form of embrace before bedtime”.

What am I reading, in addition to every word of The Breeze? I finished “Something Wonderful: Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Broadway Revolution” by Todd S. Purdum, and “The Second Mountain: the Quest for a Moral Life” by David Brooks.  I just picked up “The Pioneers: the Heroic Story of the Settlers Who Brought the American Ideal West” by David McCullough.  Take a look at the Breeze review of “Tom, Scott & Zelda: Following in their Footsteps” by Bruce E. Johnson, page 40.  All three famous authors made history here.

What will you find in this Breeze? ‘Something of interest on each page. The Lake Lure Olympiad August 9 – 11 celebrates its 15 year anniversary, see page 12. You will find a story of the first boathouse built on Lake Lure with references to original family owners and those who care for it today, see p 45.  Recipes for the best hot diggity dogs, see p 28. The Town of Lake Lure Mayor Pro Tem, John Moore, brings us all an update on community projects and goals, page 5. Meet tomato addict, Jean Gordon, page 14. The new school season begins this month, page 15.  The Lake Lure Flowering Bridge is in full bloom, page 19. How do you stop the Kudzu from taking over everything? – see page 31. Our new librarian and volunteers are busy! – see page 37.  Chimney Rock State Park is celebrating – read what it’s all about, page 46.

Enjoy reading our small town Breeze in print or the digital Breeze – yes, we are online at It may well take the place of that book you forgot to pack.