Pictured are some of the Lake Lure Maj Mavens, Moe (L), Patti, Michelle, Debra and Joanne.


Lake Lure can now boast to having several active and accomplished Mahjong playing groups.  This Chinese 2500-year-old game, played with tiles, can test both the memory and skill of the player.   Not to

One group at the west end of Lake Lure has named itself The Lake Lure Mahj Mavens. They gather once a week at Firefly Cove or at one of the player’s homes.  The stakes are high.  One can go home with up to $7 to $9 after three or four hours of play.  But it’s not about the money!

The skill and luck needed to participate in this game is extensive.  Mahjong is a game of memory, mathematics, prediction, ingenuity and the all-important lucky break.  If the tiles don’t come your way, you will not win the game.  If the tiles you needed are gone, you need to be able to calculate another strategy or hand.  Whatever level of skill at which you play this game, it will challenge and seduce you.

The Lake Lure Mahj Mavens have decided collectively to put their weekly gathering to some philanthropic use.  Every player contributes one dollar for each day they meet and play.  With an average of 10 players per week, we can collect up to $50 monthly.  It has been decided to donate the first cache of monies to Lil’s Place, Rutherford County Humane Society Thrift Shop located across from the Apple Valley Golf Course.  A Summer Fun-Raiser is scheduled for August 29th and the Lake Lure Mahj Mavens are hoping to give them at least $100 toward the event.

The Lake Lure Mahj Mavens held their first tournament here in Lake Lure July 19th.  Anyone needing information about beginner classes or how to get involved can contact Moe Bay at lakelurebay@gmail.com .

Submitted by Moe Bay