by Cathy Leestma

August is a great month in the greater Lake Lure area.  A very warm welcome to our Olympiad participants! This marks the 15th year of an ever evolving weekend of running, biking, swimming and socializing.  And whether you are involved in the Olympiad or here for some golfing, hiking or hanging in the lake all day, we are so glad you are here to enjoy summer!

Water and water sports are the heart of Lake Lure. The “big lake” as our family fondly refers to Lake Lure is the perfect place for lake action. Countless generations of children and grandchildren have screamed with delight as they ski for the first time or are jostled around on a giant tube. On an early morning you will see devoted fishermen completely in tune to the rhythm of the lake.

What you may not know is that there are several smaller lakes in the Hickory Nut Gorge. Most of these lakes cater to the folks who live on them. You can picture lazy afternoons floating in tubes or paddling a wooden canoe along a quiet shoreline as many of the residents and guests do. One of my favorite days as a child here was to take a ham sandwich and my fishing pole down to Bald Mountain Lake for a lazy afternoon of dreaming. I was never much of a fisherwoman but I sure knew how to spend a day on the water.

 Water is a healing source for those who are overwhelmed with the daily grind of life. It has the power to mesmerize and captivate your thoughts and even your life.  Ask any of the hundreds of residents who are now retired here or who have found a way to make this area their home while continuing their careers. Drawn by the beauty of this place, they made it a priority to live here. Such is the healing power of nature. Such is the draw of this beautiful water wonderland. Enjoy!