By Justin Taylor

When it comes to high end, niche wine production, the sky has now officially become the limit in bottle price.  If you ever felt that wine prices at your local wine shop seem to be a little out of touch with reality, then hold onto your hat.  A Bordeaux winemaker has spent just as much time researching the history (pre-1855 to be exact) of the region in order to create a wine of historical proportions, and he is really charging for it.

                  Beyond cultivating extremely obscure grape varietals known to produce high quality wines, Loϊc Pasquet in the region of Graves, Bordeaux, has turned his passion for crafting wines into an experience that cost $34,000 per bottle.  Never heard of Loϊc or his estate label Liber Pater?  That’s because this winemaker has come out of nowhere, working to reach hundreds of years into the history books to create wines that are from the era before vine grafting in the region.  He is against just about anything you consider “the norm” in the region, and his neighbors aren’t too happy with his against the grain philosophy.

                  In producing his 550 bottles of the 2015 vintage, he has made a statement to the power of his ideas and philosophy as it relates to sticking to what has worked best in the region for thousands of years.  Loϊc has also made it very clear, that the wine critics and writers of the world have propped up a false sense of character by ratings and scores that most industrial wine producers of the region are pursuing.  For me personally, I hope the work of Loϊc makes it into some of the mainstream because it would be nice to even consider buying, not just dreaming of what must be inside a $34,000 bottle of wine.

The answer for Wine and vine trivia is that the screwcap has no direct impact on the cost of the wine being produced.  PlumpJack Winery in Napa Valley annually packages $140 bottles of both cork and screwcap of the same wine.  Don’t let the closure fool you!  The Wine and vine trivia for next issue:  What is the fastest way to chill a bottle of wine?   

Justin Taylor is Winemaker at Parker-Binns Vineyard, Mill Spring.