By Bob Keith

            Can you believe that our small community has been conducting the Olympiad since 2004. It all started because the Recreation Committee at Rumbling Bald Resort responded to the resident outcry that “there is nothing to do around here”. In the first few years we had over 30 events over a four day span. There was horseshoes, ping pong, bocce and corn hole; canoeing, kayaking, swimming and tubing; tennis, volleyball, soccer and basketball; and even dancing and bridge competition. What a spectacle and what fun! I’m guessing that most of you reading this article either participated as an athlete or as a volunteer or both.

Here’s a water ski pyramid as part of the Olympiad Opening Ceremonies last year. This will take place this year on Friday, August 9, 6pm at Rumbling Bald Resort. Water skiing is coordinated by
Mark and Genevieve Helms of Lake Lure Adventures.

            Over the years, the Olympiad organizers continued to refine the event to focus on major athletic competition to attract weekend warriors to the area from around the southeast. This year’s event is scheduled for August 9 – 11. It features a 10K run on Friday, a Triathlon Sprint on Saturday and two races up to Chimney Rock on Sunday (yes, running and cycling up the steep, windy mountain road). There is also a fun golf tournament at the challenging and beautiful Rumbling Bald Resort course on Friday and some fun competition for grade school kids in the Junior Olympiad on Saturday. So I encourage all of you to come out and participate, spectate or volunteer to help. See for event details or to volunteer.

            Happy 15th Anniversary to the Olympiad!

Lake Level

            There have been recent discussions at the Lake Advisory Committee meetings about the frequency of lowering the lake for seawall and/or boathouse construction and/or maintenance purposes. There will be a special “Public Hearing” meeting on August 13 at Town Hall at 4pm to discuss and listen to feedback from Lake Lure residents. The policy has been to lower the lake about 5 feet every 3 years for about two months. If you are interested in this subject and/or would like to express your thoughts, please plan to attend. Your input is welcome and valuable. And BTW, I want to applaud Town Lake Operations, Public Works and Management for managing lake levels so well through our many unpredictable and dramatic weather events. Thanks for a job well done!