By Robert Taylor

In the last 10 or more years, collecting Washington Quarters with individual state emblems depicted on the reverse side has been promoted heavily by the U.S. Mint along with other third party sellers.

I urge caution here!

These coins are almost all sold at a seller premium above the face value of the 25 cent coin.  Some are even “colorized”, gold plated, encapsulated, etc.  Be very careful.  Some dealers even pay LESS than face value for these quarters that are sold encapsulated!  Reason is, they are hard on the fingernails trying to remove the plastic encapsulation.

These coins are meant to be collected as a 50 state collection and not as an item that can be resold above the face value of the coin.  Some collections are even sold with a professional looking 50 state display board with slots where the appropriate quarters can be inserted.

There is no silver content in these quarters thus they have just a face value of 25 cents each.  Once you manage to collect all 50 state quarters, you now have a collection that has $12.50 in face value.  I doubt any dealer will give you more in value than the $12.50 so caution is urged here.

Literally, hundreds of millions of these quarters have been produced so their availability is very abundant.

Lastly, if you want to collect state quarters for fun, so be it.  Just remember, they are not an item that has any numismatic value above 25 cents.

Happy collecting!