Autumn marks the end of summer vacations, good byes to those vacation homes, another Olympiad to celebrate, the end of a growing season and the beginning of nature’s dormancy. One season ends and another begins.

 Now we find ourselves ramping up for fall with a new school season, a new Raptor Center, a new mayor and new opportunities for the approaching holiday season and new year ahead.

But we’re also back in the groove, that familiar beat of routine, that pulse reminding us of what works and what doesn’t.  It’s a good feeling, one of normalcy preparing us for the next thing that will make this season a memorable one.

So here we are, hearts still beating – a most important rhythm – and minds again filling up with things to do, places to go. 

 In this “Autumn’s bounty” Breeze edition, meet our new Lake Lure mayor (page 6), read our interview with Sharon Decker, COO of Tryon International Equestrian Center (page 19), meet Eldorado Jones, inventor of the automobile muffler (page 37), don’t miss Lake Lure’s Dirty Dancing Festival September 13-14 (page 9), visit Chimney Rock State Park (page 37) and stroll through The Flowering Bridge any time of year (page 16).  These articles and those listed on the Breeze cover are only a few from more than 30 Breeze writers appearing in this Breeze edition. Just keep paging through – our advertisers are bound to catch your attention, too! 

Are you an animal lover? I am. The last three movies I have seen were romantic comedies with dogs as leading or supporting actors. Though currently without a pet, it’s obvious I miss having one. If you have a question about your pet, “Ask the Vet” (page 25) and be introduced to local veterinarian, Dr. Lisa Shumate and her new Breeze column. Send your pet questions to her email address listed in her column. Deadline for questions is October 10 for the November/December holiday edition of the Breeze.

Send me a ‘Where in the world have you been’ photo holding a Breeze, and we’ll publish it. ‘Have a comment, opinion, photo or news to share? We’d like to publish that, too.  Connect with me by email at

Enjoy stepping into that groove, that rhythm which brought us through the past, completes the present  and leads us to the next season. Don’t miss a beat!

Editor’s note: August Breeze cover photo of Olympiad swimmers was taken by Larry Czajkoski.