by Cathy Leestma

Fall is beginning to show itself in luscious colors and soon cooler nights. We wait for this time of year to say goodbye to the humid, sultry summer days and look forward to the great traditions of fall. For fourteen glorious years, we have had the privilege of producing The Breeze for our community. Our first fall here was a kaleidoscope of beauty, perhaps the prettiest I had ever seen. Young’s Mountain was ablaze. As I described it to a friend on the West coast, “it looked like someone has gently laid a patchwork quilt over the land.”

We have loved being involved in fourteen years of articles and city news, lots of ads created, modified and inserted, stories about the lives of those who live here and businesses which continue to shape our community. And yes, through it all, we have aged a bit.

I’ve decided that the aging process slips up on you. It’s real sneaky, kind of like that hungry cat ready to spring on that poor little mouse. I mean, it’s not like one morning you wake up and your hair has turned to a shade of sterling from the night before. And it’s not like you lost your curves to the assault of gravity all at once. More than likely you just did not take the time to notice, until you really noticed. You know what I am talking about. You wake up, go to wash your face and are startled at your mom staring back at you. She may even be waggling her finger and saying, “See I told you old age wasn’t all that golden.”

The toughest part for me is how to get my head around the speed at which every part of life seems to be changing. I don’t want to be relegated to the tailwinds of change, I want to be right in the middle of every part that I can still understand.  Technology, science, the arts, sports, I want it all!

I realize now there is a whole generation, maybe two generations behind me who have no idea about things that just a couple of decades ago were in the headlines. Oh, wait maybe that was fifty years ago. See, there’s that sneaky part again. I am sure that life is moving faster now. But it is also changing faster, exponentially so. Nevertheless, I stake my claim to be here, alive and vital as long as I can find my readers. Happy fall!