by Mary Karr

“There is harmony in Autumn and a luster in its sky.”
      Percy Bysshe Shelly

September and October – what a glorious time of the year.  It’s a perfect time to travel around the countryside enjoying the beauty and magnificent colors of fall.  It wasn’t so long ago that I sat on the beach watching the colorful boats in the harbor of the little Cornwall village of St. Ives, reminding me much of my own special little town of Lake Lure.  This particular British town is known throughout the art world as an especially creative art spot, small in size but huge in artistic offerings.  The Tate St. Ives art gallery houses works from artists with connections to Cornwall along with other famous paintings.  The nearby Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden stands as the artist maintained it when it was her home and studio.  It is here that you will also find the Leach Pottery, considered by many to be the birthplace of British pottery and offers a museum, gallery, and shop to explore.  This is a must visit if you are interested in and have a love of ceramics.

Another tour taken at this time of the year is the “purple mountain majesty” of the Hudson River Valley with the nearby Catskill Mountains ablaze with the vibrant hues of autumn.  It is along this trail one can visit several art museums and former homes of The Hudson River School artists, Fredrick Edwin Church and Thomas Cole.

Closer to home is a favorite day’s trip of mine in autumn.  My first date with Bryant was when he asked me one beautiful September day if I would like to take a trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway and have lunch at a country inn.  Now wasn’t that romantic?  It is still a picturesque backdrop to enjoy and perhaps visit a few art galleries along the way including The Folk Art Center near Asheville.

Our Lake Lure art group is growing and busy with plans for art shows and trips.  Several of our group are looking forward to showing their work in nearby Tryon in October along with exhibits in local restaurants and the Mountains Branch Library.

“Autumn mornings!
Sunshine and crisp air,
Birds and calmness,
Years and days beginnings.”
Terri Guillmets

Our village of Lake Lure might not have an art museum or house a famous sculpture studio, but we are proud to mention our unique and beautiful “Flowering Bridge” which is surely an art exhibit in its own right and makes our town very special also.