By Bob Keith

Below are pictures meant to capture the essence of the 2019 Olympiad, the best ever if measured by enthusiasm and everyone having a good time. Photos by Buddy Morrison

Other news…

Town Council Makes Lake Level Decision

            At a specially called Marine Commission meeting in August, the Marine Commission members voted to lower the lake between 5 and 6 feet beginning December 1, 2019, and retain this level through February 10, 2020. Depending on rainfall at that time, the lake should reach full pond easily before the end of February. Lakefront owners are advised and should prepare to maintain seawalls and boathouses during this lake drawdown timeframe.

            The decision as to how often to lower the lake in the future, if at all, other than that necessary for dam or sewer maintenance and repairs, was postponed until Tuesday, October 8, at 4pm at Town Hall. This is an extremely complex decision because of all of the competing issues and needs of the town, residents, guests and activities. If you have strong feelings and/or concerns regarding lake levels, please communicate your thoughts via email to town officials and/or attend the Public Forum on this matter on October 8th.

            Two scheduled activities, the annual Polar Plunge (1/1/20) and newly formed rowing club’s “HoHoHo Row” Regatta (12/14/19) will have to reschedule or relocate. As indicated previously, this is a very complex and tough decision with no perfect solution.

LLCA receives online medical services

Through the ingenuity of personnel at Blue Ridge Health and Lake Lure Classical Academy, students at the school will be able to receive routine and crisis oriented medical services online in a real time fashion. With the help of a grant from the Hickory Nut Gorge Foundation, a TytoPro Telehealth Medical System has been purchased, installed and is being used at LLCA. There is a daily schedule in which medical and behavioral health providers rotate being on-call for the telehealth unit. When a student shows up in the School Based Health Center, the Registered Nurse or Clinical Support Staff will contact the on-call professionals at BRH for diagnosis and treatment using the TytoPro Unit.

            Telehealth in schools is designed to mimic a regular check-up or appointment with a primary care physician. Telehealth is an increasingly accepted and utilized mode of healthcare delivery for vulnerable populations or for those who live in remote areas. School Based Health Centers are particularly important for students who are socio-economically disadvantaged, uninsured, or may experience other barriers to accessing medical care.