By David H. Wulff, AIA

A few years ago I took a survey from a magazine that was supposed to give me the ideal color for my bedroom.  The result was “yellow”.  Where did that come from?  I don’t have a yellow room in my house.  In fact, in all the houses I have owned throughout the years, I don’t think I have ever had a yellow room.

With that in mind, I thought I would give you some ideas for bedrooms.    Here are a few more romantic colors to consider:

 1. Glowing oranges.  Caramel was the winner in a survey in the United Kingdom as a romance-inducing color.    For those who may feel caramel is “too brown” for them, perhaps orange is an option. 

Stick with a warm orange such as Indian Paint Brush from Behr or Honeybell from Benjamin Moore.

 2. Pretty plums and purples. Other romance-inducing hues would be shades of plum and purple. These appealing hues have a soothing, comforting quality to them. If you go for a darker shade, include some contrasting light hues and objects with a good bit of sheen to keep the vibe romantic and not gloomy. 

For purple paint color, try Wood Violet from Sherwin-Williams. 

3. Deep blues. Many of you may have a preference for warm colors to create an intimate and inviting atmosphere in your bedroom. If that’s the case, then go for a deep blue.   

Blue paint colors to try: Dark Secret from Kelly-Moore or Smoke Blue from PPG Pittsburgh Paints.

4. Tantalizing teals. Many may not feel teal as a romantic bedroom color. I think it adds a bit of unexpected zing to a master bedroom without being too high-energy. It’s an intense color on all four walls, so think about using it for accents only, or limit the color to the headboard wall only. It’s the perfect burst of playful color in otherwise neutral space. 

Teal paint colors to try: Peacock Tail from Behr or Night Scape from Valspar.

5. Earthy browns. Another favorite mentioned quite frequently is rich, warm shades of brown. As a neutral, brown can be called upon to serve as a background color to other zestier hues, such as the accents of orange.  Similar to the dark purple and plum colors, though, you want to balance dark brown with white or off-white elements so the color scheme doesn’t feel too heavy.

Brown paint colors to try: Coffeehouse Chocolate from Benjamin Moore or Sable from Sherwin-Williams.

Of course you can also inject rich brown tones around your bedroom through the generous use of wood elements. Wood walls and ceiling in a bedroom really amp up the cozy and romantic vibe.  Just don’t go overboard with the wood.  I think this is my favorite.

DAVID H. WULFF, Architect Emeritis 

David is an architect who lives in Lake Lure.