by Angela L. Harris

I have been growing and learning at Lake Lure Classical Academy for a full decade now. Over the years, I, along with the school, have undergone many changes, all for the better. LLCA describes itself as “A tuition-free, public charter school in the Lake Lure area serving students in grades K-12.” However, LLCA is much more than just a school, it is a family. LLCA may be a small school, but together, every staff member and student forms a community with a big heart. Every moment at this school has been life-altering. When I first enrolled at LLCA, I was just eight-years-old and entering the second grade. I have lived in Rutherford County the entirety of my life, so I attended my local elementary school for my kindergarten and first grade years. When my brothers and sister all began our journey at LLCA, we were not aware of the wonderful opportunities and memories ahead of us.

Throughout my adventures at LLCA, I have been given countless opportunities to improve myself, the school, and even the surrounding community. These opportunities include volunteer hours, driver’s education, courses at Isothermal Community College courses, a variety of clubs and athletic programs, and the National Honor Society. Specifically, Isothermal Community College and the National Honor Society offer their own individual sets of great opportunities within the school. ICC offers courses within high school that allow students to graduate with an associate’s degree of our choice. The NHS is built upon service, leadership, and character, giving students the privilege and honor of being role models in the community.

I grew up in LLCA, so it has changed me considerably.  I’ve watched my siblings progress and get older. I’ve seen the school grow and improve, and I’ve seen new friends find success here. This school will continue to impact me for the rest of my life. It has definitely jump- started my future education and career, while also teaching me important life morals. I have learned so much from my experiences here, the most important lesson being that you should always be patient, open-minded, and willing to listen and learn. My brother graduated from LLCA two years ago, my sister is a freshman this year, and I will be a senior next year. Overall, my siblings and I have grown with LLCA, and our futures are deeply rooted in our experiences here. This school has changed our lives for the better, as we are better prepared to face the future.