by Joselyn Watkins

Her name is Nan Pinney and she died August 4th of this year of 2019. Nan slipped away quietly the way that she had lived the last years of her life.  She had dropped out of most activities and those of us who knew her well knew why. She was having major health problems, but what was so like her she didn’t want to bother others with her concerns. 

Daughter Debbie relayed to me that the last fifty-four days of Nan’s life were excruciating for Nan and the family while she waited to be well enough to accept a pace maker. This was not to happen as right before the surgery it was determined that Nan had several heart blockages which would not allow the procedure to take place.

If you missed knowing Nan, you missed knowing a great lady. She was forever writing notes of encouragement, appreciation and friendship to those around her. She took the time to do the small things for others.  In speaking with many people in Lake Lure I was not the only one who received these lovely thoughts on paper.

Nancy Blanche Day Pinney was just 84 when the Lord called her home. She was the fifth child of Leonard and Edith Day. 

In 1952 she married Hugh R. Pinney in Westerville, Ohio. In Nancy’s obituary it lists her adventures including completing a Doctorate in Education while raising her three children; teaching sixth grade; making a difference as West Branch Schools Superintendent and leading a school system as county superintendent.

But the best was yet to come as Hugh and Nancy retired to Lake Lure in 1999 where they quickly and with great vim and vigor embraced the Hickory Nut Gorge with all of its varied opportunities in which to serve.

The Pinneys served as co-presidents of the Lake Lure Newcomers. Then Nan went on to be a member of the Library board and also served as a volunteer with Hospice of Rutherford . Further, Nan implemented the Shepherd’s program at the Fairfield Mountains Chapel. This is a complicated program that entails many people taking part to insure that no one in the church feels left out or unattended to. Many who I talked with remember Nan’s caring and nurturing of this program. Other things that she loved besides her family and people were her flowers and her books. She was a beloved member of the Library book club.

My special privilege was being in a Bible Study with Nan and hearing her share her views regarding biblical promises. 

Nancy Pinney has a special place in my heart. She will be sorely missed.