By Mitsi Chorak

The holiday seasons are behind us and we at the Lake Lure Flowering Bridge are thrilled by the wonderful year that we had!  We completed the Visitors Kiosk at the west end of the bridge where guests can learn about the surrounding areas, plants, animals and pollinators.  We hosted many successful educational classes, and there were more tours than ever before.  We participated in local community outreaches such as Earth Day, presentations at local garden clubs, and the Black Mountain garden show.  But the general order of things has shifted; there are no bees buzzing, no butterflies flying, and the flowers have mostly bloomed out.  There is less sun and it is certainly colder, but there is a certain kind of beauty in the winter gardens.

Winter visitors to the bridge ask what we do in our “downtime” and the response is that there are always things to do!  You will find the volunteers busy cleaning, winter pruning, and mulching.  We are also active in adding non-organic items for appeal; birdhouses, painted windows and bricks and pavers painted as our favorite books, and sculptures.  From January 15- March 15, 2020, the ever-popular Fairy Gardens, created by the volunteers, will be on display along the expanse of the bridge.

So, bundle up and come visit the Lake Lure Flowering Bridge–it really is a surprising winter treat!

Mitsi Chorak is a Lake Lure flowering Bridge board member.