by Michael Lewis

Spring has sprung and the water is back in the lake at full pond following required maintenance by the Town of Lake Lure. That’s the best thing that’s happened all year! As the weather warms up and the water comes up the fish are going to be ready to feed and ready to spawn. ‘Going to be hard to say which they do first. All I know is that I want to be out there trying to catch them this time of year.  You’re liable to catch a monster!

 Depending on the water temperature you may have to slow down or speed up. I would start out with a rubber worm around the boat dock pilings. I like June bug and cotton candy but just about any color will do this time of year. You don’t have to throw at the boat docks. You can turn around and throw out to the deeper water. They can be there.

 Spinner baits, crank baits or worms especially Carolina rigged work great. You just have to get out there! So if you want to try your luck bass fishing or trout fishing in the local streams please contact me at, 828-223-0269.