by David Leestma

A friend of mine recently reminded me that life is meant for us to live on purpose. A good example is Mother Nature’s annual and always successful attempt to burst forth in color every spring, on purpose. And when that sun comes out, what a glorious burst and a riot of color it is in these beautiful mountains and valleys. It’s nature’s art against a background of granite mountain majesty.

Among all this beauty is a vibrant community stretching across county lines living, learning and acting on purpose. The people in Hickory Nut Gorge and surrounding areas are busy making a difference for those who are here seasonally and those who live and work here year ‘round.

It’s open enrollment time at Lake Lure Classical Academy, page 7.  Many events are happening April 18 during the annual Hickory Nut Gorge Sale on the Trail, see announcements page 11. Enjoy the beauty of Lake Lure’s Flowering Bridge with photos appearing throughout this spring Breeze edition. See naturalist and biologist Clint Calhoun’s favorite spring flowers, page 35. 

This year’s ‘official’ color is blue, see David Wulff’s column, Built to Last, page 16.  We welcome real estate professionals, Wes and Cathy Cleary, who are writing this season’s Breeze column, “Real Estate Market Watch”, page 18.  

I am introducing a new column, Tour-rific Travel, for travel enthusiasts and for those who just need to get away a bit, page 34. Local developer and Breeze friend, Rolland King, is remembered for the legacy he has left here, page 17.

In addition to those stories in the ‘Links inside the Breeze” listing on this Breeze edition cover, there’s much more that hasn’t been mentioned. So page through to those stories that interest you the most, then discover new stories by paging through a second and third time.  You may even find an advertised service that is just what you needed!

‘Have a story, an opinion, an idea or favorite photo to share? Send it to me at  I would really like hearing from you!  

In the meantime, thrive in life with a purpose, and enjoy that riot of color all around.