by Cathy Leestma

Sometimes it is necessary to take a break from the deep and heavy work of journalism to reflect instead on what causes joy and happy anticipation in life. This is one of those stories. Were we all honest with ourselves, don’t we look for escape from the tedious and tempestuous world we live in? Yes, we do! And what is your escape route? Maybe it is taking time to play with your favorite pet who loves you more than you think possible? Or is it a couple of hours watching old movies seen so many times that your lips mimic the lines? Perhaps it’s wrapping yourself in a snuggly bathrobe too well loved and worn to be seen in the light of day but supremely comforting as you enjoy the latest Breeze.

 One of my quick escapes is when I create within my mind a drama complete with sabotage, mayhem and murder all within a few milliseconds of time. Who would have thought it? This drama never translates to the written page but I am supremely happy with the results which of course have the good guy winning. 

Today, however, I want to review the utter joy and satisfaction that is mine when I pop the perfect bowl of popcorn.  This is not a new joy for me.  It began in the late 1950’s when Saturday morning would find the Whitfield neighborhood gang at the local theatre watching the newest releases. Popcorn then may have cost fifty cents for a large bag.

I am sure I asked for extra butter. It was a happy time spent with friends and popcorn. This began my lifelong love of this very healthy (sans butter and salt) way of eating my vegetables. 

Last Christmas, I received the ultimate gift for a popcorn lover, the Whirley Pop Popcorn Popper.  What mastermind created this perfect popping machine? His name was Mike Williams and he hailed from Indiana. This simple and effective gear driven popper helps me make perfect popcorn every time.  Enjoy your small pleasures today. They are a real part of a happy life.