With strong, engaged leadership in place, it’s poised for a banner year ahead.

By Laura P. Doster
Executive Director
It is difficult to believe it has almost been one year since I joined the Chamber of Hickory Nut Gorge as your director.  Time flies when you’re having as much fun as I’m having.  

What a year it has been for your Chamber, and what year it is shaping up to be! 

Thanks to the efforts of a well-oiled committee, we closed out 2019 with another successful Holiday Gala, bringing into the Chamber’s budget record-breaking net revenues of $23,000. The community’s support of this long-running local’s event is one important leg of the stool that ensures smooth operation of your Chamber.

The year was full of many successful achievements, all thanks to our working board of directors, part-time and contracted staff, numerous volunteers, a supportive resident community, and a cadre of event committees that go above and beyond. .

Hickory Nut Gorge has a small population, but we are a dedicated and hard-working community of business owners, real estate professionals, non-profits, stakeholders, retirees, and municipal leaders.  As Chimney Rock Village Mayor Peter O’Leary recently said, “While we can survive alone – together we thrive!”

For an extended look at 2019 achievements and milestones go to our website, look under the ‘News’ tab. There, you will also find our list of priorities for 2020.