By Bob Keith

It all started with a live auction at the HNG Chamber’s Winter Gala back in December. BTW, it was a fabulous annual event if you missed it.

Champagne flutes await Valentine’s Day toast.

 One of the Gala auction items was a chef-prepared dinner for 8 people to be held in one’s private home planned by Old Rock’s catering Chef, Randall Spencer. The winning bidder was Patti Stewart who represented the “Dirty Dozen Plus Four”, a group composed of nine amazing women and seven grumpy young men. The party size went from 8 to 16 people along with some additional cost as well. 

Tom Walko and Brian Sutton from the Old Rock Cafe display and serve tasty appetizers on Valentine’s Day at Judy Arnold’s on the mountain

Judy Arnold offered her beautiful home atop Young’s Mountain for the occasion on Valentine’s Day. Chef Randall and the DD+4 came up with a menu. For appetizers, there were charred Brussel sprout crostini, kale-artichoke dip with pita chips and, my favorite, bacon wrapped shrimp with honey-lemon dill sauce. For salad, we had tomato/mozzarella with basil vinaigrette. The main course consisted of roast beef tenderloin with mushrooms, parmesan baked chicken breasts with roasted cherry tomatoes, eggplant gratin, butternut squash mac and cheese and whiskey-glazed sweet potatoes. For dessert there was either chocolate bread pudding or a pecan gooey thing (I didn’t catch the name but it sure was delicious), both over vanilla bean ice cream. What a feast and what an evening! 

Dirty Dozen Plus Four makes toast to a wonderful “Spring Season.”

The best thing overall was sharing time with friends – good food, laughter and camaraderie. The evening was an overwhelming success! Have a great SPRING!