by Randy Snyder

As I write this piece, our nation, our individual health, our economy are experiencing bad times like no other time in my lifetime.  I write at this point in time, looking forward to better days ahead as this infection has had a devastating effect on our nation. 

Our country, not the most populous in the world, is the strongest as are the people who make up our country.  We collectively have survived wars, other virus infections and even a plague and came back stronger thereafter.  At the end of 2019 we had the best economy and health around the world and in our history, and there was little evidence of anything adversely affecting our well being.

The country, states, cities and counties in some cases are in dire need of the supplies merely needed for prevention, protection, and caring for those stricken with this invisible enemy.  Many of our corporations as a result of these bad times stepped up corroborating the best in America and Americans, during this time of need.  Here are a few examples:

  • Dyson designed ventilators in 10 days, planning to make 15,000 of them to combat pandemic.
  • Fanatics to make medical gear instead of baseball uniforms.
  • The latest craft product from Brooklyn distilleries: artisanal hand sanitizer.
  • Hickey Freeman, a men’s clothing producer acquired materials needed and produced the seriously needed HN95 face masks.
  • General Motors and Ford are making ventilators.
  • Genesis, a plastic manufacturer started making 5000 face shields a day.
  • Vicki in New Orleans, LA: “Families in our New Orleans neighborhood are posting the kids’ artwork in their windows. It’s a strolling gallery tour for those who are taking their daily walk.”
  • Rachael in Fort Mill, SC: “My neighbors and I are taking turns dancing and waving outside of a senior living center every day at 4 pm. to show the residents some love.”

The random acts are showing up everywhere as kindness has no boundary. Here are a few local observations:

  • Many neighbors checking on other housebound neighbors, especially the vulnerable elderly population that already has compromised immune systems due to other health problems.
  • Personally, in our case, we have shopped for neighbors and inquired on needs of others.
  • The Rumbling Bald Resort, despite being shut down, has offered food ordering and subsequent pick up of the food on designated days.

In closing, follow the guidelines we are receiving locally and nationally for your own good and for the good of all Americans. Be kind to others. Thank those who are working hard.  Pray for yourself and others.  We will get through this, and Americans will be better because of what we can control – ourselves, our behavior and our actions.