by David Leestma

“What a day this has been, what a rare mood I’m in..” – the opening lines of the Lerner and Loewe hit “Almost Like Being in Love” from their 1947 musical, “Brigadoon”, describes pretty much how I am feeling right now as we all navigate through our new normal one day at a time. As Bryant Williams states in his poem, “Summer Storm”, on this page, “The storms will pass, the hurts will mend, and the air will be sweet tomorrow.”

 And life does continue – for students online, see page 7, with the construction of Lake Lure’s new marina, see page 5, with construction and roadway repair in Chimney Rock State Park, see page 31, and with resources for local businesses from Hickory Nut Gorge Chamber of Commerce, see page 6.  

We welcome back our “Green Thumb Gardener” Debbie Clark who is now writing our Lake Lure Flowering Bridge News column, see p 18. We congratulate our Wine and Vine columnist and winemaker, Justin Taylor and family upon the birth of Cooper Taylor, see family photo page 21.

Though staying physically healthy is most important right now, Dr. Max Hammond explains that our mental health is important, too, see page 11. “Good for the Soul” columnist, Mary Reitano, makes a similar point, see page 25. 

There is always more to read than I have space here to mention. So page through this Breeze edition to find a lot of material and stories in addition to those I have mentioned.

 As we carefully transition through restrictions into a safer environment, let us be thankful for all those who serve on the front lines for our benefit and safety.  We pray for their safety, too.

Yes, we are Raptor strong, and we say thank you to the entire Lake Lure Classical Academy faculty and staff for continuing the education of our local students online.  There are sacrifices and kudos to share with teachers, parents and students for closing this extraordinary school year with integrity and hope for a new and solid school year to follow. 

This Memorial Day let us again remember with gratitude those who have made our freedom possible. Thank you to all our veterans and those who currently serve. 

To wrap this up on a lighter note, I recommend James Taylor’s new album, “American Standard”. You may find yourself “almost like being in love” too, with many of those popular musical standards performed in his clean “In my mind I’m goin’ to Carolina” vocal/guitar style. It’s something you will enjoy at home while reading the Breeze, of course!