by Cathy Leestma

Hello friends,

Have you ever watched a duck sleep? They have the ability to turn their heads 180 degrees and bury it in their back feathers. Right now, that sounds pretty good to me. Along with their distant cousin, the ostrich, they may have the best idea yet by burying their heads until this Covid 19 is over.. Except we aren’t birds and we have a responsibility to stay in the game and help us and others get through this Pandemic in the best, safest way possible. 

 Little did I realize when I wrote the last line of the March/April “Shootin’ the Breeze,” how significant those words would become. It read, “Enjoy your small pleasures today. They are a real part of a happy life.” And indeed, in some ways, at least for now, what we have left are the small pleasures in life. 

I suppose most of our lists of what we are now enjoying daily would be similar. We’ve heard it on the news; families are talking more, everyone is in the kitchen trying new recipes and trying harder not to put on weight, dogs are getting lots of exercise by owners who just need to get out and cats may be a bit annoyed that humans are around more than usual. Homeschooling is the norm and yet anything but normal. Our granddaughters  ”cried their eyes out” to learn that school would not resume until the fall at the earliest.

Once a week, I take orders for the local fresh vegetable stand and shop for several neighbors. And so it goes. I am reading “Black Beauty” and the short stories of O. Henry. I just ordered two paint- by- number art sets for adults. I look forward to my Mountain Breeze work, it is a ritual I cherish.

Sometimes, I sigh and think to myself…” It is all too much.” We are living through a time in history that will be a game changer from what normal was. Our youngest grandchildren gratefully will not remember much about this time in life. For all they know, the new normal will be normal. But not for us, not for us who are the older generation.  Anyone who can remember 2019 and before will have a profound sense of what life was like back then. Some things will change for the better to be sure.

We have a chance to “not be conformed to this world but transformed by the renewing of our minds.” That verse is from the Apostle Paul in his writings to the Romans. There must be much good that will come alongside the evil of this Covid-19. We have that opportunity and responsibility as we move forward into the unknown, changes and all.

 We are forever grateful to all who are daily putting their lives on the line for our health, sustenance and safety. Let’s be overly generous in every possible way so that when we look back and remember how much we despised this invasion into our lives, we also came away with a greater sense of the answer to the question, “why are we here?”