by Bryant Williams

Please give me a place with four seasons a year.
All warm or all cool gets boring, we hear.
Some places are quite humid while others are dry.
It seems that would get monotonous by and by.

Many activities are often determined by the weather.
But some prefer the same old, same old when they gather.
Here in the Thermal Belt area, however, we have it all,
Distinct mild winter, spring, summer and fall.

Some prefer winter with its crisp air for hiking.
Ski resorts are nearby, but they’re not to everyone’s liking.
Then there are lots of us in need of a time-out need.
So it’s the right time to just sit by the fire and read.

Spring to many is wake-up time to give the spirit a boost.
Lots of flowering trees, and migrating birds are home to roost.
Golf and tennis are played year around, but now more each day.
Baseball season begins for fans to watch and schools to play.

Summers are the most popular of times at the lake
Warm days, sun, and cool nights are not hard to take.
Water sports, like water skiing, are for the able and the spry
Some yearly residents take vacations, but back home they wonder why.

Fall attracts many visitors to come see the colorful trees.
Some like it best for its cooling off just enough to please.
In our enjoyment we should remember the One who planned the seasons.
That’s why we should pause and give Him thanks for all our reasons.