From left to right the folks are: • Dr. Mattie Decker     – HNGF  Board Member • Bob Keith                   – HNGF Board Member & past Board Chair. • Steve Smith               – Outreach Volunteer • Hope Wittmer           – President, HNG Outreach ( Photo by Woody Turner, HNGF Board Member)

The Hickory Nut Gorge communities haven’t escaped from COVID-19’s devastating impact on the area economy, on our schools, our churches and indeed all aspects of daily living.  Among other disruptions and unanticipated changes, numerous businesses have suspended services or closed resulting in scores of employees being laid off without any other sustainable income.  For jobless workers, their school children, and many professionals, daily living has shifted from the work place to the home.  .  . And in turn the resources for keeping the home functioning smoothly has taken on a new ‘supply-and-demand’ importance.  For the economically-challenged families in the Gorge the increased demand for food and household staples has created an unexpected shortage on Hickory Nut Gorge Outreach’s inventory and in some cases an extended outage.   In order to get basic foods and staples Outreach has had to buy from higher-priced suppliers.  When coupled with the restriction of social distancing, Outreach has had to cancel its two fundraisers  which are their major annual revenues.   To compensate for this lost revenue, and to aid in meeting higher-priced suppliers, the Hickory Nut Gorge Foundation has granted $3K to Outreach in April to help Outreach  ‘bridge the gap’ to more plentiful supply chain of food and staples.   The Foundation continues to support this vital community organization and its mission to aid those less fortunate.  For further information and inquiries about the Foundation you may reach us at  or e-mail