by Justin Taylor

The days of loading everyone in the family Chevrolet for a roadside picnic have somehow faded into memories of the 1950´s.  When spending time with the family and seeing what the neighboring countryside had to offer, it seemed very fitting to be so close with your family unit doing something fun on a dime.  Having a little prep time, a corkscrew, and a delicious bottle of wine can open new roads of day trip adventure in the summer of 2020.

The summer heat is starting to edge in on us, but there are so many delicious wines to build a picnic around for your occasional outings.  My favorite wine to take on a picnic would be a rosé or a bright, crisp, fruit forward white, such as Sauvignon Blanc or Muscat.  I am not opposed to getting these bottles with a screw cap, to make popping the top that much easier after the picnic is setup.  Oh yeah, and bring something like a steel or plastic wine glass, make life easier and less worrisome.

The art of the picnic has not changed our enjoyment of the great outdoors, but the sunshine and fresh air are exactly what most of us need these days.  In the spirit of getting out there this summer, load up some treats in a basket and see where the road takes you.  Cheers!

The answer to last issues trivia: Wine and bread were parts of the Christian Eucharist, where you broke bread and wine as was done in the Last Supper.  Making sacramental wine does require special processes, so not just any vino qualifies.  The Wine and Vine trivia for next issue:  What is the difference between a wine glass with or without a stem?

Justin Taylor is Winemaker at Parker-Binns Vineyard, Mill Spring, NC.