by Justin Taylor

The seasonal change always wakes up your inner clock to remind you just how fast a year can flash before your eyes.  It seems that Spring is the season for new beginnings and a fresh start for the wild world around us.  But the Fall is really another season of fresh beginnings that is ushered into farm houses and cellars all across the northern hemisphere.

The journey for a bottle of wine does originate with the emergence and maturation of fruit on the vine during a growing season, and as many might agree this is really where the wine is made.  However, the time that the fruit is picked, and brought to being in a stable condition all takes course during the Fall.  Every vintage is brought to life in the months that signal the end of a growing season, and we pass the torch from one journey to the next.

Maintaining my enthusiasm for wines from around the world, I still can’t help but think of this time of year every time we pull a cork on a bottle.  Warm days lead to warm colors in the trees, hearty food at our table, and the company of the ones we enjoy sharing our moments in reflection over.  Not every wine has to tell a story, but if you find the right opportunity to pop the top on something with a little age on it, remember that bottled sunshine is always something to celebrate.  Cheers!

The answer to last issues trivia: stem or no stem on a wine glass, they are practically the same thing!  With a few minor differences in holding such a glass, you should outfit your glassware based on your needs because the service of the wine is not greatly affected by being stemless.  The Wine and Vine trivia for next issue:  What does the term “sticky” mean in reference to wine style?

Justin Taylor, Director-at-large, NCWA, is Winemaker at Parker-Binns Vineyard, Mill Spring.