by David Leestma
I am a PK, a ‘pastor’s kid’. When I was in fourth grade my family moved from California to Iowa. We lived in a large white two story parsonage or manse – terms used for the pastor’s house – with a full attic and a columned front porch stretching the length of the house. It was an apartment house converted into a single home sitting on one of those typical Americana tree lined streets in northwest Iowa. The front door led into an entrance room with a two landing staircase – I dusted each wooden banister spindle every Friday after school.
The holidays were busy and happy times when local friends and grandparents from Michigan would visit. The snow piled high every winter. Ice cycles from the attic dormers came very close to touching the snow mounds below. Inside the dining room was a long low radiator sitting on parquet flooring below the large bay window facing the church next door. Christmas cards were strung from the dining room door to the kitchen door. That dining room table was the location of many holiday meals and sweet memories.
Home continues to be the center of family activities during this extraordinary season. Being at home this particular season certainly has a new layer of meaning. It feels safe to be in that home ‘pod’ with those you love.
This 2020 holiday edition of The Mountain Breeze includes many holiday stories, town news, school news, local culture, recipes, inspirational thoughts and events. We celebrate several traditions during this holiday season – Veterans Day – November 11 (see Veterans Day community event sponsored by the Town of Lake Lure and Rumbling Bald Resort on page 5 in the mayor’s closing remarks), Thanksgiving Day – November 26, Hanukkah – December 11-17, and Christmas Day – December 25. You will also find other end-of-the-year dates of cultural importance celebrated through these Breeze pages.
Cathy and I plan to be together with family as often as we can this holiday season, keeping alive our own traditions and making new ones. May you, too, find your place at the table with those who make you feel happy, safe and loved.