How fast 2020 came and went. With all the problems over the year dominated by

COVID and the chaotic political scene, quarantines, virtual home schooling and business

 A few years back, here is Elaine with US Congressman Charles Taylor and Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee. Elaine worked on their campaigns.

disruptions, isn’t it time for turning a giant page and moving on. Isn’t it time for some good

news and hope in the new year.

It was early December. she was a relatively new resident of an assisted living facility in

Hendersonville.The facility accommodated some of the most vulnerable people under the

pandemic that was sweeping the nation. Up until then, the home had escaped intrusion of the

scary corona virus. Then, what was so feared and protected against, three employees tested

positive for COVID19. Notification was made of this situation, first via email on Wednesday, and

then by a phone call on Thursday. All measures were being taken to prevent the spread of this

dreaded disease. Contact tracing was conducted and documented within the facility.

Management didn’t think that any of the residents had been affected. Residents were

monitored multiple times daily for temperature and blood oxygen levels.

All’s well? …. not so fast. On Friday about noon she was not feeling well and was

coughing up stuff. Her temperature was elevated and oxygen level low. She was tested for

COVID and tested positive. The assisted living facility contacted her doctor. Under his

guidance, she was transported to Pardee Hospital. The situation appeared extremely dire. She

was age 94, had the virus, her lungs were impacted, had a high fever and low blood oxygen.

The family felt so helpless! The doctor in late afternoon laid out a plan of action but frankly the

outcome did not sound promising with so many variables against her.

The turnaround! The hospital called just before midnight with some good news. She did

not have pneumonia and they requested permission to use the experimental drug Remdesivir,

that which had been administered to President Trump when he contracted COVID. Then the

doctor early the next morning called and said that the patient was doing well and that all her

vital signs were good and normal. He said he was going to give her plasma with antibodies

from a former COVID patient, steroids for her lungs and keep her on oxygen. He thought that if

she continued to improve that she would be released from the hospital in 5 – 6 days. She

experienced steady improvement and was discharged after 6 days. What a miracle! A

Christmas miracle!

Why do we report this story? Because the patient in this article is Pam’s Mom and my

Mother-in-Law, Elaine Wohlford. We deeply felt the agony of someone who caught the corona

virus. The first few hours after being notified were painful and stressful with a likely terminal

outcome. Over the next several days we felt nothing but gratitude for the team of workers at

the assisted living facility for their rapid assessment and managing of the situation, the

coordination with Elaine’s long term family doctor and his expertise in handling the crisis, with

Pardee’s analysis and care and with God’s intervention. It was truly a 2020 shaped event but

with the promise and hope of a 2021 result. Praise God for all his blessings and opening

another chapter in Elaine Wolhford’s life.

We are optimistic about the future. Trump’s vaccines are here and should eradicate the

corona virus this coming year. We wish each and every reader a happy, prosperous and

successful New Year! Let’s all turn the proverbial page and move on to prospects and potential

of 2021.