by Justin Taylor

The promise that awaits us all in 2021 will hopefully be dominated by the positive and uplifting memories we all seek to have again.  The projects of another year have come and gone, and there is much more to accomplish in the year ahead.  I am reminded by the words of the Benedictine Monk Dom Perignon who is quoted “Come quick, I am drinking the stars!” as he proclaimed his early success with the production of sparkling wine.  His determination in producing a wine that was near impossible in his era was cause for celebration, and celebration is what sparkling wine may offer us all in 2021.

During my early work in wine sales, the sparkling wine market would be really hot during the 4th quarter of each year.  We all knew that the end of the year was a time to celebrate and spend time with those we love and admire.  During this time on the sales floor, I came to suggest that having a bottle of sparkling wine in your fridge at all times, was quite a logical way to be prepared for any little moment that life brought you.  Even today, I have a bottle of Cremant d’Alsace, Traditional Method sparkling in my fridge just waiting for the right time.

You might also notice that not all bubbles are branded or created the same.  When I say sparkling wine, I am covering everything from the best of the best Champagne, all the way down to the grocer’s quick pick as you are shopping the local market.  Either way, your enjoyment and festivity are what matter the most as we all have different preferences.  My challenge for you in the New Year ahead is to keep a bottle or two of bubbles on hand, already cold, because the thrill of a toast to come is always something to look forward to.  Cheers!

The answer to last issues trivia: The Mother Vine is a 400 year old muscadine growing on Roanoke Island in North Carolina.  It is believed to have been cultivated by Native Croatoans or the Lost Colony.  The Wine and Vine trivia for next issue:  What is the significance of a Sommelier?

Justin Taylor is Winemaker, Parker-Binns Winery, Mill Spring, NC.