How many catchy ways can you announce spring’s arrival? Deciding on this Breeze edition’s cover title came to me as a cross between two musical composition titles – Russian composer, Igor Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring” and American composer, Aaron Copland’s “The Promise Land”. As a choral conductor for much of my life, I am familiar with both composers.  Their music not only underscores the hope of new life breaking through, but it reminds us that this actually happens every year without fail. It’s one thing we can count on after such a long season of frustrating unpredictability. It’s a promise that will never be broken. 

Bikers at the Lake Lure Flowering Bridge.  Photo by Alice Garrard

Relief has already arrived for some and is on the way for all us in the coming weeks and months. Information about local vaccine availability can be found on page 6. Recovery of our hospitality sector is critical to our western North Carolina economy and well being. Get the facts from Dr. Max Hammonds, page 18.

Hickory Nut Gorge’s Chamber of Commerce emphasis on activity in our spectacular ‘outdoors’ is something we can all enjoy right now. See the Chamber’s plans on page 9 and a lot going on at Chimney Rock State Park, page 23.

Getting students back into the classroom is also a high priority. Read about Lake Lure Classical Academy’s strategic goals and ambitions for every student, page 7. 

A bright spot in our economy is the robust real estate activity happening right now, see page 16, which reminds me to encourage support of our local businesses (our Breeze advertisers in particular!), the life blood of our community. For you small business owners and entrepreneurs, catch some good business tips, page 14.

Comfort food is always comforting.  Debbie Eisenhut has some delicious recipes to check out, page 30. For the comfort and satisfaction found in gardening, see page 20 and the latest gardening apps, page 21.

Don’t miss a page in this Breeze edition. Be sure to page through and find that helpful, interesting thought, fact or photo which may peak your interest and make your day, I promise.