by Bryant Williams

We publicly honor well known heroes and that’s as this should be.
But I think there are many more “heroes” that we seldom see.
With some they’re doing second jobs, and many just volunteer.
Some do dirty jobs or take on tasks that we would fear.

Fire truck and ambulance drivers may take a dark and snowy drive,
To reach a house fire or auto wreck and keep someone alive.
Night or day electrical workers mend hot wires brought down by storm,
To see that we have lights and to keep our houses warm.

Hospital volunteers face danger when they are helping to comfort others.
But they give aid to tired nurses, give much help to new mothers.
To me even the garbage collectors and street cleaners are heroes too,
Doing jobs that protect our health but are shunned by me and you.

There are many other sub-hero folk that help us out of sight.
Like that responsible person who answers 911 that comes in day and night.
These “heroes” do their jobs with pride and are not seeking fame,
They’d appreciate a hand shake, a “Thanks”, and asked,” What is your name?”