by Bob Keith

The corona virus has taken its toll on activities and events in our community for over a year and a half. One after another, cancelled were the Polar Plunge, Dirty Dancing Festival, the Chamber Gala, the Arts Festival, and many others.

Photo by Buddy Morrison

We are pleased and excited to announce the return of the Olympiad in August, albeit modified to conform with COVID19 rules and regulations. The event will be held on August 13 – 15 and will include the 10K Dam Run and Lions Club Golf Tournament on Friday, a Sprint Triathlon and Junior Olympiad on Saturday, and 5K Run to the Rock on Sunday. The Cycle to the Rock has been cancelled. We hope that this will pave the way for other events to take place as the COVID19 restrictions are rolled back. Athletes will be exempt from masking while competing. Volunteers and spectators will have to conform to COVID requirements in affect at the time. Please recognize that if the virus cases and hospitalizations increase and regulation become more restrictive than today, we may have to revisit running the event.

Speaking of running the sports festival, the Chamber and Olympiad staff will be looking for sponsors and volunteers. So don’t be surprised if you get a phone call to support this annual charitable event. We’ll be putting a support team together soon. If you would like to help in some way you can call:

Laura Doster at 625-2725; Kay Dittmer at 625- 8529 or; Bob Keith at 625- 2874.