by Cathy Leestma

Welcome to summer at the lake! Anyone living near a lake knows that summer is prime time. 

If you have the good fortune of owning a ski boat or fancy pontoon or the best fishing boat on the lake, you know the thrill of summer on the water. Many of you reading this will remember Lake Lure when you were kids. If you were lucky or had friends as we did who owned a ski boat, the weekends were prime time for skiing on Lake Lure. New friends were taught the ropes. You just let the boat pull you up and keep your arms straight. Almost every afternoon a thunderstorm chased us inside and mercifully cooled us off, even leaving a chill in the air as we returned to the lake. And so the days went blissfully by. 

Our plan as teens loving to ski was to hit the lake early, when there was not a ripple. The water was smooth as glass, as they say, making it easy to cut back and forth. One of us would ski from what is now Rumbling Bald Resort at the north end of the lake to the Dam Marina at the south end where we would gas up and another would take their turn skiing back. I still love the faint smell of the gas from the motor and baby oil applied to make us glow. This was the 1960’s.

About 15 years ago I bravely donned a pair of skis and made my way over the now choppy waters promising God that if He allowed me to land alive, I would never ski again. It’s always a good thing to keep promises you make to the Almighty. Now I enjoy nothing more than watching my grandchildren master two skis, and hopefully soon, the slalom.  Prime time is a state of mind.

Our town council has recently voted to replace our aging dam on Lake Lure to which I say, ”Bravo!” We are a lake community. The replacement of the dam will insure pleasure and safety for years to come.  

Enjoy this season  at the lake.  And when it ends, keep thinking “summer”!