Greetings from the Gorge where school has begun, days are getting shorter, and we have shifted from making vacation plans to calendaring traditional holiday gatherings. It’s back to work ready or not.  Colors transform from leafy green to reds, oranges and yellows of autumn. Lake water and temps cool down, traffic patterns change and our yearly routines kick back into gear.

 This Breeze edition walks us through all those changes with stories, photos of August Olympiad winners, vaccination facts, the latest dam infrastructure news and Lake Lure Classical Academy celebrating its 12th year – the most important and continuing success story of them all. 

Lake Lure’s Flowering Bridge leads the way every time as an indicator of seasonal change. Volunteers remove last season’s flowers followed by planting, pruning and nurturing new growth and preparing for dormant times. Real estate professionals take a quick breath after the most robust summer of home sales in recent years. Health matters continue to affect the economy and our daily lives. Life certainly hasn’t been dull lately!

Pumpkins will be back and recipes for cooler days will take the place of hot dogs and potato salad.  Outside recreational activities will be replaced with school and community events inside.

With changes that require our attention for another day ahead, Breeze poet, Bryant Williams, sums up each day’s experience with the promise of a sunset (see poem on this page), a moment to take a break and reflect upon such things that are good, constant and beautiful.

So as you page through this edition of the Breeze, think pumpkins, the bigger the better. They will help you remember those bright happy moments that only happen this time of year. 

 ‘Have any ideas to express, stories to tell, photos to share? Send them to me at: Hoping you find your groove. Enjoy the rhythm of autumn.