by Bob Keith

Last month the summer Olympics concluded in Tokyo but, without much fanfare, reopened in Lake Lure for the 17th year of the Olympiad. Close to 800 weekend warriors and young kids competed in 5 events – a challenging golf tournament and a 10K grueling run on Friday, a Triathlon Sprint on Saturday morning, a tortuous 5K run on Sunday morning (running up the access road to Chimney Rock) and a Jr. Olympiad consisting of six events for the youngsters. The tale is mostly told by the photos below. 

But the story behind the event was the outpouring of support by volunteers and local sponsors. There were over 250 people who assisted with the safety, comfort and health of the athletes and overall management of the event. The first two days were hosted by Rumbling Bald with the village of Chimney Rock handling the Sunday run. Kudos are extended to Ingles for the donation of water, soda and power drinks, to the Lake Lure Inn, La Strada, the Lake House and the Point of View for the donation of fruit – an abundant supply of apples, bananas, oranges, tangerines and grapes. The Chamber, the Chapel and the Library staffs put out the word for sandwiches and cookies early in the week and the response was overwhelming. All leftovers were donated to Lake Lure Classical Academy to help and benefit needy students. And enough can’t be said for the quality and quantity of support from our Police, Fire, EMS and Rumbling Bald Security for total coverage over the weekend.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – It’s all about community spirit! A big thanks to all.

Interesting facts:

The Triathlon had participants from 19 states and 2 foreign countries.

It appeared by all the “No Vacancy” signs that the Gorge was sold out partially due to 

the Olympiad. That’s a good thing!

The Olympiad proceeds have benefitted local charities and service organizations by over $350,000 over the last 17 years. And that’s another good thing!